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Soul to Soul



1 on 1 Development Coaching

My personal motto is:

“No Soul Left Behind!”

My passion and purpose is to help spiritually empower other souls by helping to heal, teaching how to speak your truth, finding your life's purpose so that you can align to your highest self and experience life to its fullest potential.

Soul to Soul

For those who feel stuck and need Divine guidance.


For those who want to connect with their Loved ones on the other side.

1 on 1 Development Coaching

I have a passion for helping other sensitive souls embrace your true gifts.


For those of you looking for a non judgmental, energetically safe space to enhance your knowledge and acquire tools in the metaphysical realm.

Om Wellness, the place where I help you

Nothing brings me greater joy than when my clients depart from a session with a brighter and lighter soul!

If you desire to receive messages or instruction from the other side, I'd be honored to help you!

Messages can help you find peace, joy, hope, comfort, healing, reassurance, and/or personal or professional direction in a way only Spirit can provide. Om Wellness offers a calming, safe space to hold these sessions.

Soul to Soul



1 on 1 Development Coaching

About Me

As a child, I was very sensitive to energy. I had an empathetic understanding to the world around me, and as I became an adolescent it was overwhelming and I closed it off. It wasn’t until the birth of my third daughter, that these spiritual gifts re-emerged in a way I could no longer ignore. My path crossed with a psychic medium who instantly identified me as “Clairvoyant” and with absolutely no understanding at the time, I asked her if I had a disease! This interaction was the catalyst for me to start exploring and studying all I could on spirituality, mystics, and energy.

Soon after, I was blessed to cross paths with a renowned psychic medium, Jeanette Smith, who took me under her wing. Jeanette saw my abilities before I could, and she extended a personal invitation for me to join her private mediumship circle. Feeling inspired and finally tapping into my intuition, I began to train and develop my gifts.

I had a pull to help individuals, and I owe it to my dear friends who encouraged me to continue on this path. One friend in particular really gave me the encouragement I needed. It was her belief in me and her contagious excitement to share my gifts with others that she started initiating readings with people she felt needed my help.

I am currently at Om Wellness offering my services as a psychic medium, performing soul readings, coaching, and building a spiritual community through a project I co-founded called Soul Talks. When I'm not busy meeting and helping souls, I'm spending time with my three daughters who I love very much.


Shannon Wilson


“My dad recently passed away from cancer. He was home on Hospice. His death process was not a smooth transition. Shannon was able to know things going on in his room she couldn’t have known. She literally walked him & my whole family through his crossing over. The comfort and support she offered at the worst moments in our lives was indescribable! Since then she has done readings with me, my mom, 5 siblings, and 5 kids. She has been able to help all of us find peace being able to still communicate with my dad from the other side.”

-Tyler Dansie

“I have lived a lifetime of significant Trauma. For a decade I have been non- functional, bed ridden for years & suffer from autoimmune diseases.

I have been meeting with Shannon weekly working through my health issues & clearing heavy energy associated with my traumas. She is teaching me how to find self love & worth I have never known! And through all this, she has been able to mentor me on recognizing and using my own Spiritual gifts! Since working with Shannon, I have actually been out of bed 80% of the time I was before! I have been functioning day to day better than I have in years!”

-Jodi Evaga

"I have a really hard time putting my thoughts into words so to even describe the countless ways Shannon has helped me is incredibly hard. She brought so much peace to my family during our most difficult times and helped us heal in our own way afterwards. She has given me too many "aha" moments to count. She knows what really sets me off balance before I even say a word. Shannon has a way of simplifying hard things and gives ideas of easy positive ways, unique to me, to get back into balance. I always tell everyone its like getting 10 years of therapy in 2 hours. I feel so light when I leave her office. I can not recommend her enough. She has changed my life!"

-Kim Hackett

"Shannon connects to my soul and helps me understand my deepest desires, sorrows and joys. She sees the potential of my highest self and guides me there while sensing the influence of the souls closest to me. Her guidance has been a miracle in our lives."

- Mithonia

“Shannon has been one of the most important people in my life the past couple years. Shannon has been blessed with incredible gifts and I have loved to watch her develop her craft as she has helped me to heal, grow and truly understand myself. Shannon has helped guide me to find true peace and joy, and I’m forever grateful for her.”

- Rawley Nielsen

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